The Worst University Reputations in the UK

Jordan Darlington·6 September 2018·5 min read
The Worst University Reputations in the UK
By Elizabeth Whittingham

Let’s spill the tea…

The worst on class equality

The University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh

There are plenty of universities who have come under fire for their approach to class.

Cambridge hit the headlines in 2015 amid claims of games played at certain societies, where students were encouraged to shout ‘we hate the poor’ whilst smashing bottles of expensive whiskey. Also, Cambridge student Ronald Coyne faced punishment for burning a £20 note in front of a homeless person.

Oxford University has also been slipping up on their classist opinions.

The university unveiled a heavily patronising campaign in September 2017, stating that they would start a new initiative to help working-class students to ‘fit in’ with the clearly elitist workings of Oxford University .


Edinburgh is not that great on class diversity and equality either. Only 18 percent of their annual acceptances come from working-class backgrounds. The university also came under fire for encouraging students to wear heavily branded outfits to the annual formals, insisting that image is everything.

Concerning formals, there is definitely a whiff of classism coming from the ones held at Oxford and Cambridge, the tickets for their formals cost hundreds of pounds.

The worst on diversity

University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Nottingham

Oxford takes the ‘winning’ post here. Standing as the university who lets in, on average, the lowest numbers of ethnic minority students.

According to the Guardian, 1 in 3 Oxford colleges failed to admit black students back in 2015.

In 2017 the university was accused of ‘ social apartheid '.

In the past six years, Oriel College have only admitted one Black student.

Likewise, new data reveals that six Cambridge colleges have failed to admit any Black students in 2015.

On March 5th, a video went viral showing Nottingham Trent students chanting ‘we hate the blacks’ outside the door of black student Rufaro Chisango. Applications have evidently dropped because of this and the university are reviewing their diversity policies.

The one with the priciest reputation

Regent’s University London, University of Arts, London.

We all know that tuition fees are staggeringly high, yet where you decide to head to university can really affect how much you have to spend on the cost of living.

The worst university to live in terms of cost of living is Regent’s University London. If you decide to head to the renowned university you could be forking out an average of £34,000 each term , including the study costs-phew!

The accommodation at the university averages out at around £12,000 a year, a whopping 72 percent higher than the average cost of university halls.

The majority of universities with the highest cost of living are based in the South, only one of the top twenty is a northern university, a pretty clear example of the North/South divide, *cough cough*.

Oxford didn’t too well for the student cost of living, even the cost of buying groceries in the historic town comes in at a whopping £3000 each year!

If you are heading to the University of Arts, London, you could be looking at spending over £1000 on university books each year, ouch. This total certainly seems shocking when you compare it to the average cost of university books coming in at £100…

The one in the worst location for crime

London, Manchester

A staggering 18 out of the top 20 worst university areas for crime in the UK are based in London- meaning that the city definitely takes the top spot for the worst campus locations for crime.

The Universities of Manchester and Salford can also be linked to crime, Manchester areas have high crime statistics, especially the Manchester-based Fallowfield area, where police cars tend to patrol each night.

The university with the worst nightlife

The University of Winchester, University of Chichester, St Andrews, Cambridge

The universities of Winchester, Chichester, St Andrews and Cambridge all rank incredibly low when it comes to university nightlife, with students stating that the surrounding areas are severely lacking in good puds, nightclubs and even local bars.


The university for worst student experience

University of South Wales

There are plenty of London universities based in the bottom twenty for student experience, yet the university coming out bottom is the University of South Wales, with students claiming that they are unhappy with factors from the teaching and the campus through to the nightlife and the accommodation.

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