How to Socialise and Have Fun Without Breaking the Bank

Amarah Arshad·29 October 2018·5 min read
How to Socialise and Have Fun Without Breaking the Bank

Student life is all about studying. At least that’s the sensible version. In reality, being a student means hard study, but also a darned good party.

That can be pretty expensive though, and if you’re a social animal then having fun with your mates isn’t an occasional thing!

So, how do you socialise with your best buds and enjoy yourselves without taking out a big student loan? Don’t worry… it isn’t as tough as you think.

Our guide will show you that fun doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. You can chill and chat to your heart’s content, while saving a chunkf change in the process…

Food & Drink

One of the most expensive things about a student lifestyle is food and drink. Sadly you can’t do without them, so it pays to know how to save for your stomach’s sake.

How about a pick me up? Sitting together with some coffees is a great way to start the day. Luckily there’s a top hack for Costa, giving you access to a FREE caffeine fix.

The fiscal fun doesn’t stop there. Retailers and outlets regularly offer students freebies and discounts. They know you’re struggling, so take advantage.

Keep your eyes on the prize by scanning the Internet for the latest belly-filling deals. Why survive on beans and toast when there are a range of tasty treats are out there…?

Nights In

Unless you happen to be super rich you aren’t going to be hitting the town every night. You’ll wake up with a hangover AND a financial headache if you do.

Stop screaming and start streaming. Companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime provide hours of screen-based entertainment for the price of a couple of pints.

Netflix are so confident you’ll enjoy their service that they offer a month’s worth of viewing for free before a flexible monthly contract kicks in.

Signing up with Prime Student can also unlock discounts on delivery for items, as well as essentials like books. So you get more than a few seasons of your favourite show.

Nights Out

Of course staying in the whole time is cheaper, but staring at the same four walls isn’t good for the soul. Going out can be easy on the wallet too, provided you’re careful.

Booze can break the bank but not if you do a pub quiz at the same time. Play it right, and you and your pals can win the night. Just don’t overdo it on the beer!

With comedians all over the TV, it’s easy to forget you can enjoy live comedy at a club. If you want to chuckle at some up ‘n comers you can get into some places for free .

Eating together is one of the ultimate social activities, and as a student you can gobble up some great discounts from major restaurants.

Travel light

A big factor you might have overlooked with socialising is travel. This is particularly challenging if you all live in different places and need to get from A to B to hang out.

All aboard! Trains are eye-wateringly pricey. Make sure you’ve got a 16-25 Railcard , giving you a third off journeys. And an Oyster card is a godsend if you’re in London.

Is your campus or town centre within walking distance? Then why not put your shoes on and get the blood pumping by walking to meet your mates…

Free events

Another tip worth remembering is that there are lots of zero cost events happening up and down the country. Socialising feels even better when it’s free, right?

Here’s the thing. From carnivals to firework displays, there’s bound to be somewhere for you and your friends to have a blast (especially if it’s fireworks!).

With the pressure on your wallet eased, all you have to do is make sure you don’t blow the budget on alcohol and burgers… or even candyfloss and toffee apples.

Plus a surefire way to keep up to speed with all manner of free goodness and student discounts is to sign up for an NUS (National Union of Students) card, powered by TOTUM