100 things to do in your final summer as a student

Elizabeth Whittingham·26 May 2018·4 min read
100 things to do in your final summer as a student
  1. Prank your housemates
  2. Have a large flat meal with a student discount
  3. Have a BBQ in the local park
  4. Go out to all the classic nightclubs
  5. Have a pamper night
  6. Do something for charity
  7. Watch a whole series in one day
  8. Jet off on holiday
  9. Rinse your student discounts card for all they’re worth
  10. Host a house party
  11. Try a new hobby
  12. Return all those library books
  13. Graduate!
  14. Have a lie in
  15. Pull an all-nighter
  16. Have a flat sleepover
  17. Do some volunteering
  18. Bag some work experience
  19. Get an internship
  20. Attend a festival
  21. Do some day drinking
  22. Buy student theatre tickets
  23. Get a greasy takeaway
  24. Write your CV
  25. Write a song
  26. Go on a road trip
  27. Attend the theatre with student tickets
  28. Go backpacking
  29. Go travelling
  30. Close your student bank account
  31. Bag your deposit back
  32. Go to the seaside
  33. Sort out your wardrobe
  34. Enjoy the free time
  35. Shop for summer clothes
  36. Visit friends and family
  37. Have a flat photo-shoot
  38. Host a summer baking competition
  39. Have some surfing lessons
  40. Have a camp out on the beech
  41. Go trekking
  42. Volunteer abroad
  43. Go on Camp America
  44. Write a blog
  45. Help the environment
  46. Go on gap medic courses in Africa
  47. Go on a sponsored walk
  48. Nail some interviews
  49. Write a book
  50. Go on a spa break
  51. Take up a new sport
  52. Learn a language
  53. Learn a musical instrument
  54. Change your hairstyle
  55. Relax
  56. Do some gardening
  57. Have a clear out and sell your stuff
  58. Venture outside your comfort zone
  59. Run a travel blog
  60. Start a YouTube channel
  61. Do a short evening class
  62. Attend a TED talk
  63. Join an exercise class
  64. Learn to drive (if you haven’t already)
  65. Take up yoga
  66. Join a theatre group
  67. Go on a cookery class
  68. Go on a pottery course
  69. Go canoeing
  70. Go cycling
  71. Join a rock climbing group
  72. Sign up for a ski season
  73. Be a holiday rep
  74. Start DJing
  75. Climb Ben Nevis
  76. Visit the capitals of Britain
  77. Go to the Highlands
  78. Go pony trekking
  79. Go to a summer football match
  80. Attend more sporting events
  81. Go the summer races
  82. Go to a wedding
  83. Go to birthday
  84. Visit the National Trust
  85. Join a political party
  86. Decide on what you want to do with your career
  87. Have a pedicure and a manicure
  88. Get a fake tan
  89. Go to the dentists for the first time after university
  90. Have a general health check
  91. Get an allotment
  92. Find somewhere to live
  93. Save up for a car
  94. Get a pension
  95. Get a pet
  96. Join a secret society
  97. Find yourself
  98. Start a business and make your fortune
  99. Pan for gold
  100. Enjoy yourself