Free webinar – Property Taxation, joint ownership and partnerships

AFS Team·20 August 2021·3 min read
Free webinar – Property Taxation, joint ownership and partnerships

On Thursday 26th August at 2pm, long time AFS partners, Tax Insider will be hosting a free tax webinar.

UK tax specialist and author, Lee Sharpe will be discussing property Taxation – Joint Ownership and Partnerships.

Who should attend?

This webinar is for any landlord or potential property investor considering joint ownership with a spouse or family member, as well as tax practitioners who’d like a reminder of the latest tips and strategies.

During the session Lee will be covering:

1. Why joint or co-ownership?

2. Basic legal position

3. What is the difference between general co-ownership and partnership, and why does it matter?

4. Key pitfalls / errors to look out for:

- Settlements anti-avoidance

- Spouses/civil partners and Form 17

- CGT and partnerships

- SDLT and profit-sharing

How to register

This is a free webinar, hosted by Tax Insider. You can register right here.

About Tax Insider

Tax Insider was founded by Amer Siddiq in 2006. Amer is an entrepreneur, experienced landlord, author (How to Avoid Landlord Taxes) and public speaker.

Although not a tax advisor (or accountant for that matter), Amer's passion for minimising taxes came about when he started to grow his own property portfolio. He wanted grow it in such a way so that he paid as little tax as possible (and legitimately).

He struggled to find the advice he was looking for so he teamed up with tax experts to bring about the website Property Tax Portal, a website dedicated to helping property investors and developers minimise their taxes. The huge success of this website lead to Amer naturally progressing into general taxation with Tax Insider.