50% increase in enquiries

AFS Team·17 June 2022·2 min read
50% increase in enquiries

Student demand for accommodation remains very strong. During 2021 AFS has benefited from a 50% increase in enquiries, with consistent month by month growth.

This follows a 70% increase in 2021 with landlords, letting agents and PBSA all benefiting from this growth and is the result of the several factors;

  • Robust demand for Higher Education
  • Accelerated shift to online methods for finding accommodation
  • Continued improvements to AFS

Investing for the future

Our focus is on continuous improvement and the AFS team has made consistent regular improvement to the website to ensure it continues to provide the best possible experience for students and delivers ever increasing value for our customers.

This dramatic increase in enquiries is one outcome of this and we will continue to invest for the future. To make it as easy as possible for our customers to benefit from this trend we have recently launched new initiatives;

  • 10% multi property discount for landlords
  • A upgraded clearing marketing programme for PBSA partners
  • All new boost service for letting agents

If you would like to discuss any of these new services contact our sales team on 0845 351 9911